How to Get Push Email on iPhone for Gmail

Back in 2013, Google discontinued Push support for Gmail on Apple’s stock Mail app. Since then, Gmail push notifications are broken on iPhone/iPad and irate users have discussed it at length. For instant email notifications you were forced to use the Gmail app for iOS, which usually meant using two email apps (work email on stock iOS Mail and personal on Gmail).

Enter CloudMagic. One of the first features we enabled was instant push notifications for all types of email. CloudMagic uses the power of the cloud to send you reliable push notifications, so there’s nothing special to be done by you, just add your Gmail/Google Apps account and you’re set. Here’s what some of our loving users have to say:

How to Get Push Notifications for Email on iPhone for Gmail accounts

Push email for Gmail is just the tip of the iceberg, we’re solving many more email peeves, so stay tuned!

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Top 10 iOS 8 keyboards you should try

best ios 8 keyboards
Of all the iOS 8 features, support for third party keyboards was probably the most anticipated. For years, Android has had the support and the entire iOS community waited with bated breath.

The native iOS keyboard does a fairly decent job (notwithstanding the Shift key nightmare), but when you throw emojis, GIFs and other such enhancements into the mix, you would probably be missing out if you haven’t tried a third party iOS keyboard as yet. Here’s a list of iOS keyboards that we thought were great:

SwiftKey [Free]

1 - SwiftKey Keyboard on the App Store on iTunes
SwiftKey gets smarter by learning the way you type and comes with a really decent next-word predictor. It’s probably one of the best free keyboards available as of now.

Minuum [$3.99]

2 - Minuum   The Little Keyboard for Big Fingers with New Color Themes
Minuum gets its name from its UI which is a one-line continuum of letters. Designed to handle sloppy typing, doesn’t take a lot of your screen space either.

Fleksy [$0.99]

3 - Fleksy Keyboard   Custom Colors  Faster Typing
Touted as the fastest keyboard in the world, its Android version has broken the Guinness World Record for fastest texting! Apart from its speed, Fleksy is highly customizable with multiple themes and sizes. It also lets you switch between 40+ languages with ease.

Swype [$0.99]

4 - Swype   Keyboard on the App Store on iTunes
Swype learns the way you type so the more you use it, the smarter it gets. A great keyboard.

KuaiBoard [$1.99]

5 - KuaiBoard – Type text. Quicker. on the App Store on iTunes
Type quicker and save text templates from any app easily. You can even protect the text clips with Touch ID. This is a great keyboard if you need higher productivity.

TouchPal [Free]

6 - TouchPal Keyboard Theme Swipe Emoji
6 languages supported as of now. Comes with swipe input, keyboard themes, and a great collection of 800+ Emoji.

Phraseboard [Free]

7 - Phraseboard Keyboard on the App Store on iTunes
Create common phrases and sort them by categories. Simply tap a button to send off a quick reply.

GIF Keyboard [Free]

8 - GIF Keyboard on the App Store on iTunes
Sometimes emojis just don’t cut it. GIFs convey sarcasm and other emotions with ease. And, it’s fun!

Scribble Board [$0.99]

9 - ScribbleBoard for iOS 8   Keyboard to draw your messages
Tired with typing? Just scribble!

FancyKeyboard [Free]

10 - FancyKeyboard for iOS 8   customize your keyboard with cool themes and backgrounds
Loaded with well designed themes with lot of color variants.

That sums up our list of top iOS8 keyboards. Did we miss your favorite? Feel free to share it with us via comments.