Swipes and CloudMagic: A smart way to manage tasks from email

Swipes A smart way to manage tasks from email
No matter how hard you try, you always receive a lot of tasks over email. Fret not, we have a sweet little integration to help you with this.

Swipes is a powerful to-do app based on gestures which is tightly integrated with Gmail. CloudMagic + Swipes integration makes it easier for you to preview emails and save emails to it.

Here’s how it works:
In Swipes settings, go to Integrations and link your Gmail account that you use on CloudMagic. Under “Open Emails in”, select CloudMagic and you’re all set.

Previewing emails saved on Swipes

The next time you save an email to Swipes, you can tap on the email id to open the email preview directly in CloudMagic and act on the email.

Saving email from CloudMagic to Swipes

Use the Move-to option to move any email to “Add to Swipes” label and you’re done.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a spin. Don’t have CloudMagic? Get CloudMagic for iOS and manage tasks from email with ease.

Imagining CloudMagic for Apple Watch

Apple’s most personal device yet, Apple Watch has notifications as a core feature. CloudMagic is known for its instant push notifications for all email services. This makes CloudMagic and Apple Watch the perfect match. The ability to instantly see the new emails by simply raising your wrist sounds fantastic. Isn’t it?

So, when we sat down to design CloudMagic for Apple Watch, we were quite clear that the experience should primarily be an extension to the new email notifications on the watch without having to pull the phone out of your pockets. The task flow we thought of was this…

User receives a new email notification on the Apple Watch > Taps on it to read the email > Does a short reply > Take a quick action like star, mark as unread or delete > Look at other unread emails

This helped us take the early decision that our WatchKit app would only deal with unread emails.

New email notification and the WatchKit app

The WatchKit app has the same sequence of screens and content as the iPhone app but they are presented in a way that works best on the Watch’s screen – super minimal and glanceable. Unlike the iPhone app, the WatchKit app’s screens have a dark theme to be inline with the Watch’s overall color theme. After reading the email tapping on the reply button gives a list of quick template replies or the ability to dictate whatever you have in mind. Force Touch on the message screen shows the quick action buttons.


Other than the timely notification there is one more important entry point to the WatchKit app – the Glance. The Glance is a snapshot of an app’s status at any given point of time, accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the Watch Face. We designed the Glance like a dashboard that shows the total number of unread emails as a big number on the header and the bottom part showing the people whose emails you haven’t read yet.

Designing for Apple Watch made us think how to make emailing even more lightweight than our already minimalist iPhone experience. It’s interesting to think how we dealt with the possibilities and limitations to come up with the most optimum emailing experience on the Watch. We know it’s not perfect, but we’ll never stop trying to make it perfect. That’s a promise.

Today, we’re excited to introduce CloudMagic for Apple Watch to you and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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