Shiny new compose and support for Drafts

With this update, the one thing we really wanted was to enhance the composing experience. So we went back to the drawing board to create a minimal & beautiful experience. By minimizing distractions, the new compose helps you to focus on the email you’re writing.

Every aspect of the new compose has been crafted to make it easier for you to send emails:

  • Frequently emailed contacts appear as recommendations
  • Contact names are shown instead of long email addresses
  • Thumbnails of your recent photos are shown, making it easy to attach photos without leaving the compose screen
  • Allows you to take pictures while composing an email (hence the new camera access permission)
  • A larger area for you to type your email
  • Infrequently used options like cc, bcc and from address are hidden

Support for Drafts

We heard you loud and clear, support for drafts was by far the most requested feature. So here you go, full draft support is now available!
CloudMagic now supports Drafts
Note: Since automatic syncing of drafts is not supported for Exchange ActiveSync accounts, drafts are saved locally for these accounts.

Hope you like the updates, do share your thoughts as comments below.

Team CloudMagic

How CloudMagic helped me officiate a wedding

To me, what sets CloudMagic apart as an (2)
This article is a part of our productivity series that explores how CloudMagic simplifies digital life and overall productivity. Let’s hear from Embree Walker, who officiated a friend’s wedding with a little help from CloudMagic. This article has been edited for brevity and clarity.

How it started

My friend Will Holditch and his fiancée were very excited about getting married. But, the pastor who was to marry them had backed out and left them without an alternative. Realizing they needed someone to officiate their wedding, I volunteered. Wedding was scheduled on New Year’s eve, 2014 at Pilot Knob Vineyard, Texas.

The never-ending list

Being a wedding officiant meant that I had to write the wedding ceremony, write the homily (or sermon), build the music selection, help with other planning aspects and then some. The list of tasks was never-ending and there was a lot to be done!

Tools that helped

For my email, I use CloudMagic which is an awesome email app, replacing the Apple’s default Mail app. To me, what sets CloudMagic apart as an email app is the integration with apps like Evernote and Todoist using the “Cards” function, allowing emails to be placed into other apps directly! It’s a great productivity tool and a HUGE timesaver. I am equally addicted to Evernote, Todoist and Dropbox.

How I did it

As and when I got a relevant email, I would push it to Evernote using CloudMagic Cards (which is beyond measure, extremely helpful), and everything else, I would store directly to Evernote. CloudMagic also has the reminder feature which reminds me to follow up on key messages. As I was writing the ceremony in Evernote, I would send a copy via email for their review. This way, I had everything organized.

Happy Ending

Needless to say the marriage ceremony and reception went perfectly and I was able to do my part as a first time officiant. I had some great tools that helped me make the celebration go very well.
(At the wedding ceremony)

My two cents

Always look for tools which help you in getting the job done, have features to support your efforts, integrate with one another, have attentive support information and a professional staff to stand behind them. After all, technology is suppose to make our life easy! I know CloudMagic and these other tools will support all of us for many years to come.

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