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CloudMagic for Mac is here


A little background

Our iOS and Android apps went live in November 2013. On the launch day, we expected the Internet to break, HackerNews to go berserk, TechCrunch and Verge to cover us and the likes, but none of that happened.


It was an extremely slow start. Some people who got to hear about us even questioned our existence in front of Mailbox. Does the world need yet another email app?

That night we went home teary-eyed. But as the days passed we saw people coming in, real users blogging about us, we got TechCrunched and Verged, with WSJ and Time recommending CloudMagic, and even won a few awards. We were right, there were people like us who loved a minimal and opinionated user experience. Today, we are a 4.5 star rated email app on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and being used by 3 million people with active users growing week on week.

The Mac App

After iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android Phone, Tablets and Wear, a desktop app was the natural next step. Our mobile users also started banging our doors for a native Mac app. We started the design in April 2015, and the engineering started around June and thanks to the magic of the cloud (more below) we were ready with version 1.0 before the end of 2015. CloudMagic for Mac is the most ambitious thing we have ever done, and perhaps the most opinionated email app ever made for the desktop. It has all the characteristics and features we and our users love about our mobile apps. If you are already addicted to CloudMagic on mobile, you will be right at home on the Mac too.

CloudMagic is free on mobile and paid on Mac

CloudMagic is free to use as long as you want on iOS and Android and if you like it, you can complete the experience on your Mac by paying $19.99 for the Mac app.

The magic of the cloud

Unlike numerous email apps that are thick IMAP/ActiveSync clients, the CloudMagic mobile and desktop apps are thin REST API clients. All the hard work (email sync engine) takes place on our servers, Not only this enables us to deliver features that can’t be done well without a server component (snooze, reliable push notifications, etc.), most importantly it helps us move at warp speed. We push code to our servers every day. A few examples of the benefits -

  • We are proud of our Exchange implementation. We support Exchange Web Services (EWS), Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) and of course Exchange IMAP. If you think IMAP is old and unwieldy, try working with Exchange. In addition to multiple protocols, there are hundreds of Exchange configurations in the wild with their own nuances. We would have never been able to build such incredible Exchange support if we had to wait for App Store approval cycles.
  • As I write this post, we are working on a big push to migrate our Gmail Sync engine from IMAP to the modern Gmail REST API. When the migration is complete, you will immediately see 10x faster search speed for older emails, Gmail Social tabs and other fundamental improvements without necessarily needing to update your mobile or desktop apps.
  • This architecture makes it straightforward for CloudMagic to deliver a native app on any other new platform in the future (hint — the desktop OS that still has majority market share).
  • Slate recently published a detailed article about how complicated it is to build an email app, especially the sync engine. Leaving the engineering complexities aside, running the sync engine on the device drains battery and data plans quickly. Why? Here is an excerpt from Slate’s article -

    “[in IMAP], your email client must download the statuses of potentially tens of thousands of email IDs, simply to reflect a single change. (Or no change!) It works, sure, but it also means that email clients move slower, demand more data, and siphon more bandwidth than they ought to.”

The cloud-proxied architecture allows us to do all of this hard work on our servers and send only the “changes” to the devices. This means less bandwidth, CPU and battery consumption for your devices. AFAIK, both Outlook (prev. Acompli) and Mailbox have a very similar architecture.

So get CloudMagic for Mac today. If you are still on the fence, check out our iOS and Android apps. You won’t regret, after all, it’s just a nice email app.

By the way, we’re trending on Product Hunt. I’ll be actively answering your queries there. Join the conversation now.

Introducing Team Contacts on CloudMagic

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Update: Team Contacts is available for free now! Invite your team to improve external emailing.

Does your work involve exchanging emails with people outside your organization? If yes, we are thrilled to introduce a new feature for you – Team Contacts.

Team Contacts on CloudMagic brings you and your colleagues together to improve external emailing. You can discover contacts connected to your colleagues and know when they have interacted, right inside your email app.

All you need to do is create a team with your colleagues to share business contacts with each other. As part of your regular emailing, and without any additional data-entry, Team Contacts enables you and your team to:

  • Find the best person to get warm introductions
  • Stay in context
  • Avoid overlapping emails
  • Increase the team’s overall outreach

To make it fun and simple, we used the Pixar story formula to show how Team Contacts will work in four typical business situations –

Avoid_overlapping_emails_Team_Contacts_on_CloudMagic Get_Warm_Introductions_Team_Contacts_on_CloudMagic Share_contacts_with_ease_Team_Contacts_on_CloudMagic Increase_overall_outreach_Team_Contacts_on_CloudMagic

As part of Team Contacts, only contacts associated with the selected email account will be shared with the team members. Phone contacts and contacts from any other email accounts are untouched. The actual emails are never shared, only the timeline of emails exchanged are shared which is good enough to show who was in touch with who and when.

Invite your colleagues now and start using Team Contacts
Go to CloudMagic Settings > Add-ons > Team Contacts.

It is available as an in-app purchase. Pricing starts from $9.99/month for up to 3 team members, the first month is free.

Currently available for Google Apps accounts. Coming soon to other accounts.

We would love to hear your feedback on this new feature. Reach us at or tweet to us @cloudmagic

Don’t have CloudMagic? Download it now -

Available on the App Store
Download on Google Play