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Introducing support for Android Wear™

We live in interesting times. Times that will define how small, powerful devices, worn on the body change the face of technology. Google’s Android Wear announcement today underscores this change. We couldn’t resist being a part of this movement, and are excited today to unveil support for Android Wear.

Might sound like science fiction, but it’s true – You can now get notified of new emails and even dictate a reply, all using your watch.
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CloudMagic now supports Android Wear
We’re very excited about introducing support for Android Wear and look forward to hearing from you on what more we should do on the watch. Do comment and let us know.

Save an email to OneNote with just a tap!

Save an email to OneNote with just a tap
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You receive a lot of information over email that is note-worthy. Saving those emails to OneNote is now just a tap away with the CloudMagic Mail App.

CloudMagic’s email app uses Cards to connect your mobile Inbox with a host of popular business tools. With the OneNote Card, you can create a Quick Note with a single tap and gather all your important emails in one place. Whether it’s an invoice, a recipe or an important customer email, just use CloudMagic’s OneNote Card and keep everything with you.

Save email to OneNote from mobile email

Give it a shot right away!

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