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How to add tasks to Wunderlist from your email

add email tasks to wunderlist

We use to-do apps to manage our task lists. But, it’s a challenge to have all tasks in one place. Tasks can come from anywhere, for example, email. No matter how hard we try, emails will always contain tasks and to-dos. There is a need to bridge the gap between email and the to-do app. Wunderlist has been our most requested integration, and we’ve finally made it happen.

Wunderlist is simple, yet powerful to-do app. With Wunderlist, you can easily create, share lists and collaborate with family, friends and colleagues. It’s the easiest way to get stuff done.

Adding a task to Wunderlist using CloudMagic is very simple. When you are viewing an email, tap on overflow menu > Tap on ‘Save email to’ > Select Wunderlist.


Add tasks in email to wunderlist on iPhone


Add tsks in email to wunderlist android

So what are you waiting for? Get CloudMagic + Wunderlist and accomplish more!

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Supercharging Email Folders

sync folder to get new email notifications

With the recent launch of Inbox by Google, there’s been a lot of hype around automatically bundling similar emails. While the jury is out on that, we believe email users have been bundling similar emails for a while now – into folders. These folders have become super critical, because they contain years of email moved into carefully created folders, with various rules/filters to manage them.

If you’re a heavy folder user, most mobile email apps would disappoint you because they focus solely on your Inbox or on Archiving/Snoozing, leaving your folders with the same old experience. We realized this importance of folders and have made a big update today to include Folder Sync capabilities. Here are the details:

Head to CloudMagic Settings > Your email account > select folders to sync under ‘Folders to Sync’.

setting up new email notifications for folders

Once you’ve setup sync for folders that are important to you, here’s what you get:

  • Important folders will always be up-to-date, no more loading time
  • Push Notifications for new emails received in these folders
  • Blazing fast search enabled for these folders
  • Offline access to synced folders
  • You can see the unread email count for these folders

So go ahead, sync the folders that are important to you and make the most of CloudMagic! Get the latest update for iOS and Android now!

All of us at CloudMagic