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How Team Contacts can help your PR Agency increase outreach

A typical PR Agency is constantly buzzing with agents trying to reach out to more and more people, so that they can ensure maximized benefits for their clients. Everyone is trying to get a foothold, in every possible nook and corner.

Once upon a time, there were five account managers at a PR Agency. Every day, their clients wanted them to invite influencers and thought leaders for events, launches, panel discussions and endorsements. One day, a client asked her PR manager to invite influencers from the finance industry to launch a book she had written on the stock markets, around the world.

Let’s explore the scenario;

Without Team Contacts

All the five account managers had their own set of contacts. But none of them had a complete picture of all the influencers of the industry, the PR agency had interacted with over the years. Because of that, the PR Manager was not able to put his best foot forward and the client was not happy with the results. This incident led to bad PR for the PR agency, hurting their business.

With Team Contacts

All the five account managers in the agency started sharing their contacts, automatically. This dramatically increased the agency’s overall outreach. Also, the PR Manager was able to reach out to more influencers of the finance industry. He was able to prudently identify who could introduce him to the influencer-in-demand. Needless to say that this helped them gain some great PR and launch the book successfully.
Unity is strength.

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8 tips to kickstart your business emailing

Get set for your 1st business email
Starting off with a new job which requires you to interact with customers and prospects, over email? Strive to put your best foot forward and make that great first impression. When you email people outside your organization, you have the additional responsibility and opportunity to present yourself as the ambassador of your new company.

These tips will help you begin your career stint with right emailing.

Keep your professional profile up-to-date

In this era your social profile matters. Keep your updated profile posted on platforms like LinkedIn. This helps the receiver of your email to understand who you are and where you are coming from and which company do you represent.

Ensure that your company’s profile is updated

On professional platforms like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, the company needs to have its profile up-to-date. This assists in building the brand and empowers the reader with an easy reference.

Subject line should be precise

So that it conveys your intention about the email clearly as that’s the first thing the reader looks at when they access their inbox or get notified regarding a new email on their email app.

Give an introduction and a reference to context

When you are beginning to communicate with an existing client and taking over from your colleague, it’s best to introduce yourself and refer to the previous communication to ensure that the customer can easily relate to you.

Get a hang of your organization’s communication

It is a good practise to familiarize yourself with your company’s lingo by going through previous email communications so that your emails have a similar tone, look and feel to them.

Check on formatting and grammar

Remember that your business email communicates what your company has to say. Thereby, it is important for it to be formal and free from errors. Moreover, the layout should be in sync with other emails sent by the company prior to this.

Encourage a response

Any communication works out best when it is two-way. Email, being more personal and direct, generally inspires a response.

Sign-off with relevant contact information

Make it easy to stay connected and engage socially. However, bear in mind not to bludgeon the reader with too many social media links. Also, remember to share your relevant contact details, like a number on which you can be reached.

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