Do you know how many emails are received per day by the average office worker?

Answer: 121 emails. (Source)

This statistic doesn’t shock many people but as we speak emails are flying around above us. Around 205 billion emails every 24 hours are being sent and received (Source). It can be a noisy world with all this data arriving and departing from our smartphones and computers every minute of the day.

Too much noise…

With all this noise, making sure you’re heard is critical to achieving success.

One of the biggest reasons that so many people have jumped onto the email scheduling train is in the pursuit of improving their response conversion rate. There are many different situations you can begin to use an email scheduling tool, here are some good examples:

  • Your colleague has been on holiday for 2-weeks and they will return to a full inbox
  • Your boss doesn’t arrive in the office until 10AM and you want to be first on his list.
  • Your client is UK based and you’re based in the US, so times zones make it difficult.
  • You don’t want to disturb someone nearby but you need to update them.

All of these situations arise when your goal is to hit the other person’s inbox at the perfect time. Scheduling your email to land at the exact date and time can give you the confidence that your reply conversion rate will be much higher.

Email scheduling currently involves a tough process of downloading other applications then installing them into your operating system or even adding browser extensions. For Newton, the email scheduling is embedded into our apps across all devices from day one.

Get started with Send Later


  • Create a new email message
  • Click on the clock icon near the “send” button
  • Send Later is an option on this list
  • Choose a date and time to send the email.


This is all natively built into Newton Mail so there’s no need to install anything, it’s there from the start. There’s an additional feature to check to stop the send later feature if the person in question emails you before this time, allowing you to avoid any embarrassment.

Send Later

Send Later isn’t native within many of the mobile applications of major competitors, Newton allows you to send later on the go whether you’re online or offline – perfect for on the go!

People who use email scheduling

Tim Ferriss is an advocate of email scheduling. The “work-smart” mogul runs his businesses using limited resources and implements a great work-life balance, he uses email scheduling as a way to communicate and schedule emails to his staff and other clients around the world. If it works for Ferriss, you’ve got to be considering it!

tim ferriss


Email scheduling tools can provide the opportunity to be pinpoint on your communication. For tech companies or product creators, this can be the difference between getting featured or picked up by a new retailer, making big items like this happen with an added benefit to your health and stress levels. Why not try email scheduling today and test out the benefits.

Want to try the Send Later feature on Newton Mail?


Try the 14-day free trial here and start scheduling some emails today.

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If you are looking for a nice email app that works across iOS, Android and Mac, give Newton a spin!


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