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Hotmail, Yahoo, SkyDrive and Exchange ActiveSync support

CloudMagic search hotmail outlook yahoo skydrive

Hotmail was the most used email service till few months ago and still has a whopping 450M users. We now support searching through email, contacts and calendar in Hotmail as well as other avatars, viz. MSN, Live and accounts.

Yahoo is one of highest requested services. Although we attempted to support it a while ago, we faced throttling issues from Yahoo’s servers and had to put it on the back burner. Now with those issues ironed out, we are delighted to let you search your Yahoo mails.

With the addition of Hotmail and Yahoo, we now support all major email service providers. No matter where your email is, it’s just a second away.

We also saw a huge number of SkyDrive requests. Some even withheld their star ratings on the App Store, because we didn’t support SkyDrive! You asked, we delivered. You can now search through files and folders stored in your SkyDrive account.

Exchange ActiveSync
We are also rolling out complete Exchange ActiveSync support. Although we supported Exchange through EWS and IMAP, not all Exchange servers support them. Additionally, the fact that ActiveSync is the protocol of choice for mobile devices makes it very important. With this addition, we should now be able to index 100% of the Exchange mailboxes.

We are super excited about this release, tell us what you think. We also have lots more that we’re always working on, so keep telling us what you’d like to see next!

Team CloudMagic