CloudMagic enhances your Google search

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Firstly, a big thank you to every single one of our wonderful users for an amazing 2012. The year started with our mobile apps launch, then we launched support for a host of cloud services with Cloudmagic 2, and now we end the year with a way to combine CloudMagic search results with Google search.

Earlier today, we announced (the TechCrunch review here) the launch of our new browser extensions, which show CloudMagic results right next to Google search results. All you need to do is install the extension and a box will appear next to Google search results, showing matches from your personal cloud data. Links to the latest extensions:  Chrome | Firefox | Safari

It’s never been easier to search through all your data with CloudMagic. We hope you love it. It’s been an awesome 2012 and 2013 is already looking infinitely more awesome. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year, happy holidays and happy searching! As always, talk to us, we love it – or comment below.

Thank you once again.

All of us at CloudMagic

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This comment has been deleted

This comment has been deleted


this is great - was nice surprise when it popped up on me the other day. could this same use be placed into gmail where the ads and/or rapportive niormally go, would be great to access cloudmagic search right within a gmail instead of the standalone box, and the search box could be pre-populated with the sender/recipient name like the mouseover in rapportive



Thank you for your feedback. As you might've noticed it already CloudMagic search box floats on your Gmail page where you can access CloudMagic search right within gmail. We want to keep CloudMagic non-intrusive to your existing gmail experience and enable you to search/ collapse/ hide the search bar whenever you wish to. And also to maintain a uniform search experience across all the services we support.

And we never know when Gmail might bring changes to its inbox or its ads placement and we also don't wish to clutter your page. Hence the non intrusive search bar.