Update: (February 10, 2014) The service – CloudMagic Search referred to in this post is now shut down. We’ve shifted our focus on building CloudMagic Mail.

 Keep 12GB of your files synced at any device with a single point of access (for FREE)

I realized today that one can upload more than 12 GB of data to various file sharing services and access them from a single interface across multiple devices for FREE. I thought it’s pretty creative and definitely worth sharing.

So here’s how it works. You can get free storage from various cloud service providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box etc. Their free plans get you a total of 12GB, here’s how, you just need to sign up to them:

Google Drive                        5 GB
Dropbox                                2 GB
Box                                         5 GB

Fairly simple so far, but now that you’ve signed up to multiple file storage services, you have a problem – when you try to locate a file, you don’t remember the service you had uploaded it to. How I solved that problem? Surely I used CloudMagic to locate any file within seconds. Upload anywhere you want and then forget about it. When you want the file, just type in few characters in CloudMagic, and it’s right there.

Up next – 29GB FREE and still use CloudMagic to manage them all!
CloudMagic search is coming soon for the following services, and then you can have more than 29 GB of free storage with a single point of access:.

SkyDrive                                7 GB
SugarSync                            5 GB
Amazon Cloud Drive         5 GB

Update: Now with the addition of SkyDrive in CloudMagic you get 19GB+ of cloud storage with a single point of access.

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Written by

Sabyasachi Ruj

Sabya is a lead engineer at CloudMagic.


You could add yet another 5gb if you add UbuntuOne cloud service. Any chance of that CloudMagic people?

Carlo costanzo
Carlo costanzo

Would love to see Citrix ShareFile added to the radar.


I would LOVE to see sugarsync added!

ChetanR moderator

Hi @michaelbeijer 

You can search for all your files in your Dropbox account. CloudMagic shows-up all results if you search using file name.

As of in-file search, currently, we don't support this for Dropbox. We do this for Evernote though. We have it in our wishlist and will keep you posted about its availability.





Thanks for the heads up. Yes, Ubuntu One in our wishlist. We haven't decided its implementation schedule, though.




Thank you for the suggestion. Adding Citrix ShareFile to our to-do list.



We have it in our wish list. We're rolling out support to new services soon. Do keep an eye on our updates.

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