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Your favourite search box comes to Internet Explorer

Developing anything for Internet Explorer is definitely arduous! All sorts of limitations and speed bumps pave the way for any developer writing code for IE. Many even recommend to say no to IE development. Well, it’s a tough NO considering the fact that more than one third of the internet population is still on IE.

We went ahead anyway and are happy to announce the availability of CloudMagic extension for Internet Explorer. When you add the extension, a floating search box appears in all webpages. It’s right there when you need it the most. The keyboard shortcut and context menu further helps save time.

With this addition, the CloudMagic in-page search box now supports 95% of the desktop web browsers. Enjoy the awesomeness.

Download links:

CloudMagic Extension for Internet Explorer [To get CloudMagic search box]
CloudMagic Accelerator for Internet Explorer [To get CloudMagic in the browser context menu]

Requires Internet Explorer 7 or above.

Team CloudMagic