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CloudMagic now available for Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a great tablet device. Powerful, great content from Amazon, yet very well priced. We see the presence of the Kindle Fire in meeting rooms, living rooms and even office desks. However, the ability to have access all your data (emails, calendar events, contacts, tweets) on your Kindle Fire is quite a task. Either you need to download various apps to sync/download your data or you need to login to numerous cloud services and keep various tabs open all the time.

With CloudMagic’s Kindle Fire app, you no longer need to fret about accessing all your data. Simply install CloudMagic, link the services you want access to and use CloudMagic’s super-fast search to instantly find that email you were looking for, that contact info you needed or that tweet you want to read.

What’s more, with our recent support for Exchange, you can now have your work email as well as your personal Gmail searchable together. So go ahead, find anything in a second from your Kindle Fire. Click here to download the app.

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Team CloudMagic