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Microsoft Exchange and Google Chat Support | Exchange search no longer sucks


We are delighted to announce two big updates today:

  • Support for Microsoft Exchange, and
  • Support for Google Chat

Support for Microsoft Exchange
Why Exchange? Most work email is on Microsoft Exchange, and looking for an email using Outlook or your smartphone sucks big time. We guess every iPhone+Exchange user on this planet has been a victim of “Continue search on the server?” message (which still fails to fetch search results most of the time). CloudMagic eradicates this problem by introducing support for Exchange emails.

As always, with CloudMagic you’ll find what you are looking for in under a second! So stop remembering where ‘that’ email is and don’t worry if John’s phone number is in your GMail address book or Exchange address book, let CloudMagic find it for you.

Note to Office 365 users – You can also add your Office 365 account to CloudMagic and search through the emails, events, contacts and much more.

Support for Google Chat
Almost all Gmail users use Google Chat and we got a lot of requests to make chat conversations searchable through CloudMagic. Now you can search through all your chats using CloudMagic! If you have already added a Gmail account to Cloudmagic, follow these steps and you will start seeing search results from your chat conversations.

You can also login to your CloudMagic account and go to the “Add Services” page to add these newly supported services.

We are excited about this release and we would love to have your feedback. For frequent updates, you should follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Team CloudMagic

CloudMagic now has Safari Extension

Although you can use our service at, nothing can match the ease at which you can access your data when you add the CloudMagic extension to your browser. When you add the extension, a floating search bar appears in Gmail and Twitter pages. It’s right there when you need it the most. Keyboard shortcut and context menu further helps save time.

Today, we are happy to announce the availability of CloudMagic Extension for Safari. Download it here.

To conclude, thank you all for overwhelming response for the last release. We are always asked if we are adding Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox, Tumblr, etc. to CloudMagic. We assure you again that all those requested services and many more are in our wishlist. We will keep you posted on their availability. For frequent updates please follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

Team CloudMagic