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CloudMagic now available for iPhone and Android devices

A while ago we set out to solve the elusive search problem with personal online data. We asked ourselves a very simple question – why can’t we search our personal data on different services, with the same ease and speed of Spotlight? That’s when we introduced CloudMagic. In that pursuit, we continued development on CloudMagic – we added more services, we improved the search speed, we added a whole bunch of features, etc. etc. Everyone loved it. James Fallows from The Atlantic went on to say – “If you’re using Gmail, and not using CloudMagic, you’re shortening your effective lifespan, plus sapping the economy, by wasting your precious time.”

Bravo, now what!

“Searching on mobile sucks, is there something like CloudMagic for mobile?” We get that a lot. We ourselves missed CloudMagic while on the move and started working on CloudMagic for mobile.

We’re really excited today to launch CloudMagic’s blazing fast search across mobile devices. Now you can find anything in just a second from your smartphone. Embedded below is a quick intro video.

We have worked very hard to deliver search results under one second, we hope you enjoy the speed. Please give it a spin and let us know your feedback.

CloudMagic for Mobile – iPhone App Store, Android Market
CloudMagic for Desktop – Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons

Team CloudMagic