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5 quick ways to get the most from CloudMagic

Everyone has their stories of how helpful CloudMagic’s search for Gmail, Google Apps and Twitter has been. In this post, I’m summarizing how to get the most out of it, from my own experience and inputs from numerous users.

1. Search as you think, and don’t think too much

Don’t be shy to search for a phrase, partial address or an area code of telephone number that you know exists in what you are looking for. CloudMagic will instantly search through all parts of your Google Apps / Gmail (from, to, subject, body etc.). For example – I was looking for my hotel reservation email and the first thing that came to mind was the price of the room. So I search for ’319′and there I see my reservation details. Another example – I’m not good at remembering names of the people that I’ve met just once, but I recollect the company they work for and that’s what I search. You can also use advanced search operators (from:, to:, filename: etc.) to separate wheat from the chaff.

2. Add multiple accounts and services

Add all your Google Apps / Gmail / Twitter accounts, so that you can quickly search through all your content in one go. You’ll no longer have to remember where Charlie’s video was shared and you’d be surprised how the accounts you seldom use have very valuable information in them, which CloudMagic will pop up for you. (You can always choose to display search results across all accounts by going to Preferences > Enable Combined Search)

3. Use the various access interfaces CloudMagic gives you

You can search in various ways using CloudMagic. You should pick the one that suits you most based on what you search :

a. Search bar inside Apps mail or – the most popular access method

b. Full page search – comes in handy when you need larger previews and less clutter

c. Chrome’s Omnibox – no matter what page you are browsing, type C, space in the address bar and start searching in CloudMagic. The results will start appearing in suggestions section of Omnibox. Keyboard shortcut fans love this.

d. Chrome’s Browser Options – similar to Omnibox, you can use this no matter which page you’re on.

e. Browser context menu – the good old right click thing

4. Place the CloudMagic search box right

The CloudMagic search box can be moved around, by simply dragging it. The default spot is most convenient for me, but if you want to move it to a better spot, you should. You could also simply replace your Gmail search box by clicking on “Replace Gmail Search” in the CloudMagic search box drop down menu.

5. Note to Firefox users

We are always building more into CloudMagic. Unlike Chrome, Firefox does not automatically update the add-ons. However, it will prompt you when there is an update. If updates are not prompted automatically, look for “Automatically check for updates” option in Firefox Tools> Advanced> Update.

I hope these tips will help you enjoy CloudMagic even more. Tell us if you have more tips, we would love to hear from you.

We are very thankful for the overwhelming response since we launched. This comment sums up the kind of feedback that we’ve received:“If you’re using Gmail, and not using CloudMagic, you’re shortening your effective lifespan, plus sapping the economy, by wasting your precious time.” – James Fallows, The Atlantic.

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