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CloudMagic – Instant Search 2.61 Released


Thanks for such a overwhelming response to our last release. We gave you more interfaces to access CloudMagic. You wanted to hide the ones that you don’t want. With this release you can hide CloudMagic search bar inside Gmail’s &/or Google Doc’s interface.

Printing a document in Google Docs printed CloudMagic search box as well. This releases contains a fix for this.

Team CloudMagic

Offline Gmail search & more interfaces to access CloudMagic


The most awaited feature offline search is out. You can access super-fast search of CloudMagic when you are even offline.

This release also boasts of usability enhancements. Now you can access CloudMagic in many more ways. Use it the way you like it. With this release you can search in CloudMagic through Chrome’s Omnibox & Browser Options (toolbar popup).

In Omnibox type ‘c’ & hit tab (or space) to activate CloudMagic & enter the search term.

You even get instant search results in the Omnibox drop-down as you type.

Just click on the CloudMagic Browser Options icon to see CloudMagic search bar. Just by using this feature for a week, I personally saved a lot of time, as I can access the search results without opening Gmail’s interface or switching to the tab where its open. No matter what you are browsing, CloudMagic’s search results are just a click away.

To summarize you can access CloudMagic’s super-fast search results through following interfaces.

  1. CloudMagic search bar inside Gmail’s interface
  2. CloudMagic full page search bar
  3. Chrome’s Omnibox
  4. Chrome’s Browser Actions

Firefox users can find the following shortcuts to access Interface-2 listed above:

  1. Toolbar
  2. Tools menu
  3. Context menu

We are excited about this release & are eagerly looking forward to your feedback.

Download the latest release from here.

Team CloudMagic