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Why did we create CloudMagic Gmail Search Extension?

Why did we create CloudMagic?

This is the first blog post from CloudMagic team and I guess it is the right place to answer this question.

We are increasingly using a large number of cloud-based services every day. For example – our own company does not have a single copy of MS Office and we use Google Apps for Domains extensively. With the prevailing use of online applications, we felt a need to search and locate stuff quickly. Similar to how Mac’s Spotlight and Windows 7 Search can search within your local data. While Google provides great search features for Gmail and Google Docs, it is not as fast as desktop search — neither it provides unified search results across multiple services.

We love Spotlight‘s search experience and we wanted the same experience for all of our data residing on the cloud.

We created CloudMagic to provide lightning-fast, “search as you type” functionality for your online data.

How does it work?

CloudMagic creates a search index of your online data on your local hard disk. Only the relevant text data is indexed so the size of the index is only a fraction of your total data. For example, we don’t index attachments, images or any binary (non-text) data.

Think of CloudMagic as a software-only equivalent of Google Search Appliance for your online data.

CloudMagic automatically updates the search index as long as the browser is running. You don’t need to keep the web-pages of the various online services open to update the search index. You can continue browsing other websites while the index gets updated in the background.

Since CloudMagic indexes the data completely in your hard-disk, you don’t need to store or transfer passwords with any 3rd party servers — including ours.  Now that hard drive space has become so cheap, keeping a search index in your hard-disk is no longer a real concern.

Which services are supported today?

We are launching CloudMagic today with support for Gmail. Google Docs support is a few weeks away. For those of you having multiple Gmail accounts, CloudMagic also searches between multiple accounts and presents a unified view of search results.

If you like what we are doing, let us know your comments. Also, please help us determine our roadmap.

Which online data sources would you like us to support on priority?

Please leave your comments below or start a discussion thread at our Community Forums.

Team CloudMagic