Introducing support for Android Wear™

We live in interesting times. Times that will define how small, powerful devices, worn on the body change the face of technology. Google’s Android Wear announcement today underscores this change. We couldn’t resist being a part of this movement, and are excited today to unveil support for Android Wear.

Might sound like science fiction, but it’s true – You can now get notified of new emails and even dictate a reply, all using your watch.
Get the latest CloudMagic update from the Play store here
CloudMagic now supports Android Wear
We’re very excited about introducing support for Android Wear and look forward to hearing from you on what more we should do on the watch. Do comment and let us know.

#GoPaperless with CloudMagic

How to go paperless this World Environment Day with CloudMagic

It’s the World Environment Day today and we’re here to help you go paperless with CloudMagic.

You might wonder, what does an email app have to do with saving paper? Remember, there’s a Card for that.

Trello Card

Say goodbye to post-its and other notes you have in your workstation. Switch to Trello and experience the power of Kanban style of project management. So, what does an email app have to do with Trello? We’ve integrated Trello inside CloudMagic to help you add anything from your email to Trello with just a tap – Read more

Evernote Card

Call it the swiss army knife to help you go paperless, the possibilities are endless once coupled with CloudMagic. The next time you want to take a print out to keep something for posterity, or when you need to print PDF documents received over email, simply use the Evernote Card and save it to Evernote with just a tap – Read more

OneNote Card

Prefer OneNote over Evernote? We have you covered! You can use the OneNote Card to save emails and attached documents to OneNote with just a tap – Read more

CloudMagic Paperless

Evernote has more than 100 million users, OneNote is a widely used digital notebook and Trello is a very popular task management tool. We see forests being saved, thanks to Evernote, OneNote and Trello.

When we shared this blog post idea, one of our developers made an interesting remark: ‘we save trees in another way as well; by not providing an option to print emails using the CloudMagic app’ :D

On a serious note, it is our responsibility to preserve the environment. We’ve done our small part by making such handy integrations happen. Go ahead, make the best use of CloudMagic Cards.

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