How to add tasks to Things from your email

How to add todo to Things from your email

Email is such an integral part of our life. No matter how hard we try, things to do will end up in our Inboxes as emails. We wanted to make it easier for you to save tasks to your favorite task management app.

We had a lot of users asking for us to integrate with Things. Things by Cultured Code is a task management app which strikes a superb balance between ease of use and powerful features. We’re delighted to let you know that you can now add to-dos to Things right from your Inbox.

Creating a New To-Do and adding it to Things is very simple. While viewing an email, tap on overflow menu > Tap on ‘Save email to’ > Add to Things.

How to add tasks to Things from your email

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a spin. If you don’t have CloudMagic, you can download it right here:

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5 Reasons to look for an alternative to the iOS Mail app

CloudMagic is the best alternative for ios mail app

If you still use the stock iOS Mail app for your emailing, you’re actually missing out on a lot. Push notifications, fast search, battery savings, ease of use – the Mail app disappoints in many aspects. It’s high time you migrate to a smarter emailing experience. Here are five reasons why you should consider CloudMagic as an alternative to iOS Mail for your iPhone and iPad:

1. Instant push notifications for all types of email

Push on iOS Mail is unreliable. It doesn’t support push for Gmail, Google Apps, Exchange IMAP and many other IMAP accounts. CloudMagic gives you instant push notifications for all your accounts. Doesn’t matter which email service you use, CloudMagic uses the power of the cloud to deliver reliable push notifications.

2. CloudMagic is easier on your battery

Most email apps poll constantly and therefore consume a lot of battery. iOS Mail app is no exception. CloudMagic on other hand, goes easy on your battery and data. Emails are pushed from the cloud instead of constant polling. Here is a comparison of battery usage:
cloudmagic consumes less battery than ios mail app

(We used a new iPhone 6 running iOS 8.1, added the same number of accounts to both iOS Mail and CloudMagic)

Over a period of 24 hours, CloudMagic consumed 35% less battery than the stock iOS Mail app.

3. Manage attachments better with CloudMagic

With CloudMagic, you can attach files from popular storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and more. You can even save attachments to Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, without leaving your email.

4. Save important emails to your favorite productivity apps

CloudMagic allows you to add important emails to other apps. For example, you can add tasks to Wunderlist, important notes to Evernote, interesting links to Pocket, all using the save email to option. The native Mail app on iOS is quite insular in this matter.

5. Overall user experience

Not only is CloudMagic easy on the eyes, it’s also backed up by great support. We believe that support is a big part of the overall user experience and we take pride in delivering kickass support. Everyone at CloudMagic, including the CEO, handles support. Here’s the kind of love we’ve been getting.

Enough reasons to switch your email app? Feel free to share your feedback as comments below.

Don’t have CloudMagic? Get it now!

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