Ready Steady Go Pro!

The story behind ‘Go CloudMagic Pro’ slides.

Take 1 – Uninspiring

CloudMagicProThe first cut wires of the CloudMagic Pro subscription flow had the ‘Go Pro’ screen as just one screen with all the Pro features listed as bullet points. It was Rohit, who suggested that we do something different here.

We designed our Pro features as ‘nice to have’ that only a power user would find useful. Even though we knew that most of our users wouldn’t need them, we still expected some of them to pay us to support good software. Rohit’s point was that a regular listing of features would not create any emotion in them and wanted to make the presentation special so that they take notice.

“Whether they choose to pay or not, this screen should bring a smile on their faces.” he said.

I loved the idea but the challenge was to make it attractive and most importantly make them smile.

Take 2 – Meh

CloudMagicPro3We then decided to make it a slide show, a series of advertisements for CloudMagic Pro. Every slide would have an art work, headline and body copy ending with a call to action to go Pro. One idea was not to make it a linear slide show but a refresh button that loads random slides as if they were part of a long list of ‘reasons to go pro’. A template was quickly made based on the ideas but when it was time for us to come up with the real content, we needed more time to iterate. We decided to serve these slides from the server to avoid repetitive client development. Also, we could fine tune the slides even after the app goes live. This was the easiest part.

Designing the ads was not as easy as we thought. And not just one, we had to make a series of them. Also they had to be funny. The first set of ideas based on the template were trashed as they were far from humorous.

Switching apps for home, school and work email is so last season
Add unlimited email Ids of all types.

Time is more precious than money
Your attachments are auto-downloaded and kept ready so that you can open them instantly.

Better safe than sorry
Remote wipe your email when your phone is lost.

Some VIP treatment won’t hurt
Priority support when you are in need.

Your preferences don’t change overnight
Your email preferences and settings sync’d across devices

Next we explored cartoon strips like ‘Geek and Poke’ but again we couldn’t come up with good dialogues and also we were not confident enough to illustrate them.

Take 3 – The breakthrough


As part of the brain storming for funny ideas I wondered if we have to be serious at all. What if the ads gave arbitrary reasons? May be with references to movies and TV shows. Like ‘The walking dead is coming back’ or ‘The winter is coming’. Rishit was not sure about this, he thought it was too casual and it would backfire. We also had an afterthought about the random loading of the slides that it would make the user not sure if he was missing something.

We went back to the slideshow mode. I was thinking if I can still use the idea of using lines from movies and shows. We made a list of our favorite movies and shows and started looking for famous lines from them. Once we had a handful of lines, we started writing the copy based on them. And yes, we had a breakthrough this time, it was coming out well and when we moved around some screens it even had a flow to it. When the final copy was done we started visualising them after googling for some inspiration.

Take 4 – Voila

And this is what we finally came up with
Minutes after going live we saw tweets and emails about the slides coming in and we knew that it was some time and effort well spent. Thank you all!

Lost your device? You can still safeguard your emails

Ever wondered what happens to your precious emails when you lose your device?

The device lock would have saved you, if only you had one enabled!

Let’s be honest, device lock is annoying. There are very few unwise things on this planet than entering a PIN every single time you want to look at your phone. It gets even more annoying if you depend on your phone to get your work done. It reduces your productivity for sure.

Here’s my own experience – I was one among the few who used to have device lock enabled. But, soon I disabled it after discovering that I unlock my device about 100-150 times a day! That’s a hell lot of effort and time wasted. Yes, it’s not just me, everybody hates the device lock.

As much as we hate device lock, what happens if we manage to misplace our device and don’t have the right set-up to wipe it? What happens to our sensitive email data?

To protect your data even during such adverse situations, we have built a ‘remote wipe’ option. It’s very simple to use:

  1. In case you lose your device, just head to
  2. Navigate to Remote Wipe
  3. Log in using your CloudMagic Pro credentials
  4. Click on ‘Wipe’

This will log you out and wipe all the local data on your misplaced device and hence safeguard your data. Later, just log in to CloudMagic on your new device and retain all your accounts and their preferences.

Remote Wipe is exclusive for CloudMagic Pro users. Get CloudMagic Pro and safeguard your sensitive information. Better safe than sorry!

CloudMagic Pro is available at $4.99/month and $44.99/year. Get it now for Android | iOS