How CloudMagic helps me efficiently run a one-man business


This article is a part of User Stories that explores how CloudMagic simplifies digital life and overall productivity. Col Skinner, Owner and Digital Consultant at Profoundry came forward to share his story with us. This article has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Running a business where ‘you’ are the product comes with a number of challenges. Like most freelancers, there is virtually no separation between my work and personal lives. Being constantly leashed to some form of digital technology has its benefits, but also means that clients often expect split second replies. For me to deliver a consistently personal and efficient service I must respond to emails punctually without substituting the functionally I would get from my PC, for speed.

When I moved from iPhone to a OnePlus One, I wanted an Android email application that could handle my busy working lifestyle. With CloudMagic and its integrations, I can keep up that level of service and efficiency wherever I happen to be.

For both work and personal email

I use CloudMagic for my personal (Outlook) and work email accounts. Having them all in one application and colour coded down the right hand side lets me distinguish between the two and helps me prioritise my replies.
CloudMagic for Work and Personal email with color coding

Instant push notifications

By integrating CloudMagic into the AcDisplay App I am able to view emails during meetings without rudely picking up my phone mid negotiation. I can see who has emailed and the first few lines of the email body, then decide if I need to reply, delete or archive that email. Swift and simple.

Lightning fast search

We all have those moments when a client questions what was said by who or supplier misquotes your original point. The CloudMagic search functionality is vital to being able to quickly source the email in question and confirm what was originally said.

Smart contact suggestions

I have various clients I email far more than others. The CloudMagic ‘most popular’ function reduces the faff of finding that email address and makes it just a tap away.
Smart contact suggestions & easy image attaching with CloudMagic

Attaching images is a breeze

I use CloudMagic to take photos of my expense receipts and send them direct to my inbox for safe storage until I can upload them into my accounting software. This means I don’t have to worry about losing them or wade through piles of receipts at a later date.

Complete support for drafts

The recently introduced Drafts functionality was a god send for someone like me who is always doing a million things at once whilst trying to write work emails. It also means I can go and check something on a client website without worrying my draft email may get lost forever.

Manage your documents effortlessly

I am always sending across proposals, contracts and audit documents whilst on the go. The attachment function integrates into my phones File Manager, Dropbox and Google Drive. So all bases are covered when it comes to retrieving and sending those precious client documents.

Better folder structure

In a bid to keep organised and efficient I filter emails into various folders by task, priority, client etc. A lot of the email applications I tested did not let me dig into Inbox folders making it difficult to keep organised whilst out and about. CloudMagic, on the other hand, lets me do just that. So finding that email that always ends up in your Junk folder is a breeze and retrieving that email you deleted by mistake is a doddle.

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Swipes and CloudMagic: A smart way to manage tasks from email

Swipes A smart way to manage tasks from email
No matter how hard you try, you always receive a lot of tasks over email. Fret not, we have a sweet little integration to help you with this.

Swipes is a powerful to-do app based on gestures which is tightly integrated with Gmail. CloudMagic + Swipes integration makes it easier for you to preview emails and save emails to it.

Here’s how it works:
In Swipes settings, go to Integrations and link your Gmail account that you use on CloudMagic. Under “Open Emails in”, select CloudMagic and you’re all set.

Previewing emails saved on Swipes

The next time you save an email to Swipes, you can tap on the email id to open the email preview directly in CloudMagic and act on the email.

Saving email from CloudMagic to Swipes

Use the Move-to option to move any email to “Add to Swipes” label and you’re done.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a spin. Don’t have CloudMagic? Get CloudMagic for iOS and manage tasks from email with ease.