Star users get some love!

Long before ‘Inbox Zero’ became the most fashionable email workflow on the planet, a few Gmail fans like Sabya, Rohit and I followed a not so chic but equally effective and geeky workflow using ‘Stars’.

This is how it works…

  1. We mostly live in the Inbox
  2. Make sure we are unread zero – we read all emails that come in or we ‘mark as read’ the ones we don’t have to read. (We love Gmail’s ‘Mark all as read’ option)
  3. After reading an email, if we think we have to get back to it, at a later time, we star it.
  4. Change the Gmail inbox format to show all the starred emails on top. So when we don’t have unread emails, this is the list we stare at.
  5. Once we have acted on the email, we unstar it and rejoice at the sight of it being removed from the starred list.
  6. Nirvana! Go out to take fresh air.

Basically we create a to-do list out of the emails in the inbox by starring the ones we have to act on; instead of archiving all the emails that we don’t have to act on (duh). Archive has no value for us. And we are lazy to clean our inbox. We aim for the stars.

Recently CloudMagic did us a huge favor – it allowed us to customize the actions on the notification. Now I can switch that damn Archive button to Star, making the notification actions Delete, Mark as read and Star on my Android. Rohit has ‘Mark as read’ and ‘Star’ on his iPhone. Star has also found it’s place in the Apple Watch notification.

Configurable Notification Actions

It doesn’t end here.

Here, at work, we get 2 emails everyday with the iOS and Android ratings and reviews for everyone to read. As they are too long to go through, I don’t read them, first thing in the morning. Instead, I star them and then mark them as read to then go on to look for more important emails. And then there are those emails that I star from the notifications. I have to now make sure to mark them as read as soon as I get to the inbox. What a bummer! But wait a minute…

Multiple actions at once

CloudMagic just amazed me with another setting that would make my life even better. I can now star an email and mark it as read in one shot. Makes a lot of sense. A starred email means I have read it and is part of my to-do list. More than the notification customization, this is my personal favorite.

If you are a CloudMagic user who follows the Starred email workflow like me, you are lucky. These settings are going to make your life better. CloudMagic is the only email app that has shown love to people like us when all the others are busy making Inbox Zero users happy. If you are a Star user who is still not on CloudMagic, now would be a great time as things here are really getting interesting.

Keep reaching for the stars.

More reasons to love CloudMagic!

We’re happy to introduce a few popular features requested by you. All these features are focused on improving your CloudMagic experience, making it more friendly, personal and easy.

Configure your notification actions

Configure your notification actions

Now choose your favorite actions in your notifications so that you can get more work done without launching the app. Select any (3 for Android and 2 for iOS) of these: Delete, Archive, Mark as Read and Star.

Faster Preview

Love speed? We do too! With the recent optimization, your emails and conversation previews are now blazing fast.



Gone are the days when you would’ve had to select each and every email manually for a bulk action. Save time and energy by selecting multiple emails, at once. Go ahead and give your fingers some rest!



Double your comfort with twice the email accounts you can add to your CloudMagic app and experience a ‘single window’ to access as many as 20 email accounts!

HTML signature

Now flaunt your finesse with images and logos in your HTML signature!. Go to Settings > Email Accounts > Email Signature and configure your signature.

Multiple actions at once

Multiple actions at once

Enjoy an easier and leaner workflow with ‘Mark As Read when email is Archived’ or ‘Mark As Read when email is Starred’ actions. We will be discussing this, in detail, soon!

Team Contacts

Check out your Settings > Add-ons > Team Contacts for an easier way to be in sync with your team. Share contacts with your team to get warm introductions and avoid overlapping emails. This feature is currently available only for Google app users.

Hope you cruise along with these features.
Let us know how you like these new features.